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Our primary objective is to reunite families in compassionate connection.

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources One Thing Parents Must Do for Kids Self-care_
Restoring Families

The One Thing Parents Should Do for Their Kids

By Jamison Monroe Jr., Founder and CEO of Newport Academy Parents are amazing. In my line of work, I talk every day with parents who would do anything for their kids. They would give their children the clothes off their backs, take a bullet for them—every cliché you can think of. But there’s one thing that [...]
Restoring Families Resources: Five Ways to Make Family Dinner a Joy Not a Chore
Restoring Families

Five Ways to Make Family Dinner a Joy, Not a Chore

By Rachel Fortune, MD, FAAP National Medical Director for Newport Academy We all know that eating together as a family is a smart thing to do—and an increasing amount of research is proving just how smart it is. Studies show that the benefits for kids of eating family dinners on a regular basis include better [...]
Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources Families Seek Therapy
Restoring Families

Family Therapy Creates Connection

Family therapy has become an important part of our culture. It is fairly common for families to have disagreements and challenging communication. In many cases, disputes between spouses, parents and children can be resolved by talking and coming to a mutual agreement. But other circumstances, such as an illness, substance abuse, or infidelity, can tear […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Teen Drug Treatment Parents Prepare Child For Rehab
Restoring Families

Preparing For Teen Treatment: It’s Not a Punishment

Preparing for teen treatment doesn’t have to seem like punishment, for anyone in the family. The key is to start with compassion. A loving atmosphere will help all to feel safe in what can sometimes be an uncomfortable situation.  Teens need assistance dealing with challenges in a manner that makes them feel safe. Teen treatment […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Internet Addiction
Restoring Families

Teens and Tech: The Truth About Internet Addiction

Most people are familiar with the most common addictions, such as those to smoking, alcohol and eating. One addiction some may not be knowledgeable about, though, is Internet addiction. One out of every eight Americans suffers from Internet Addiction disorder. However, it is only discussed in 1 percent of university introductory level psychology textbooks, according […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Strict Parents May Decrease Substance Abuse Among Kids
Restoring Families

Strict Parents May Decrease Substance Use and Abuse

A new study confirms that the old adage “it takes a village to raise a child,” may be true. We live in an age where we often don’t know the names of our next-door neighbors. However, findings from the UC San Diego research show that the parenting style you choose will play a major role in […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: How Consumption Affects Growing Teens
Restoring Families

How Alcohol Consumption Affects a Growing Teen

The teenage years are filled with many milestones. From entering puberty, learning to drive, getting a first job, going on a first date, the list goes on. For many teens, adolescence is also the time when they get drunk for the first time and experiment with illicit drugs. As much as you want to protect […]

Newport Academy Restoring Families: Resources: Codependency Develops From Dysfunctional Family Dynamics
Restoring Families

Codependency, Substance Abuse, and Dysfunctional Family Dynamics

What is Codependency? Clinical experts identify codependency as a disorder that results from dysfunctional relationships with others. Therefore, people who struggle with codependency often find it difficult to maintain healthy family dynamics and personal relationships. Codependency is often referred to as a “relationship addiction” because, due to low self-esteem, each codependent person may feel they […]