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Lessons from Charlottesville

Psychology of Hate: Why Teens Join Hate Groups and How Parents Can Prevent It The psychology of hate is an important topic that has been dramatized lately. The tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 offer many difficult lessons for this country. Therefore, we must face the hard truth that racism and white supremacism [...]
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Restoring Families

How to Spot Dangerous Teen Behavior During Summer Vacation

Dangerous Teen Behavior in the Summer Dangerous teen behavior can be caught early if we know what to look for. There are some clear warning signs and simple things you can do to stay engaged, open communication, and protect teens from pitfalls. Everyone loves summer—especially teens. However, summer can be a dangerous time for teenagers. That’s [...]
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How to Talk to Teens

How do you talk to teens? Parents have been trying to figure this out for a long time. Talking to teens isn’t always easy. But it’s more important than you might imagine. An ongoing, meaningful connection between kids and parents is key. In addition, it is one of the most powerful factors in supporting teen [...]
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The Power of Positivity for Teen Mental Health

By Jamison Monroe Has anyone ever told you that all you need to do is “stay positive” and everything will work out? Optimism is a wonderful quality, but creating positivity requires more than hoping for the best. Rather, it’s an ongoing practice of cultivating positive emotions in every aspect of life. According to Barbara Fredrickson, [...]
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5 Ways to Balance Teen Emotions

No matter how old you are, learning to navigate the inner turmoil that life inevitably brings is no easy feat. But teenagers have extra challenges: hormonal changes, a brain that’s still developing, the intensity of social interactions with peers, academic demands, and their parents’ high expectations. And that’s if they’re lucky! Many teens also struggle [...]