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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

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EFT is the acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique. Introduced by Gary Craig in 1993, EFT is an alternative form of counseling. In addition, it draws on acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, and thought field therapy.

What Is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?

EFT tapping is an adaptation of the stimulation of acupuncture points on the human body. Also, it is enacted through self-administered acupressure. Called “energy psychology” by some, EFT tapping is used to address physical and psychological disorders. Hence, EFT tapping techniques on specific points are a self-administered modality.

From a therapeutic perspective, Emotional Freedom Technique is not embraced in some clinical academic circles. Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield supports EFT as a simple technique for healing. Furthermore, the practice resides somewhere between hypnosis, meditation, and acupressure. Therefore proponents see tapping as a form of holistic healing. EFT makes use of the mind-body connection.

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