Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years of Empowering Teens and Restoring Families

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This year, as Newport Academy celebrates 10 years of operation we envision the future to come. May 2018, Newport Academy marks an important milestone: our tenth anniversary. To highlight this achievement, we look back on our beginnings and look ahead to what’s next.

Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years

As a result of his own recovery experience, Founder and CEO Jamison Monroe set out to create a different kind of teen rehab. Today, his vision has come to fruition. Moreover, it has surpassed what he imagined a decade ago.

Furthermore, this moment allows us to reflect on our mission, our approach to treatment, and all we wish to accomplish in the future.

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years

Our Origin Story

Every solution starts with a problem. Ours was simple and, at the same time, complex. Many recognized facilities seek to treat teens struggling with mental health disorders, disordered eating, and substance use. However, too often, they only treat the symptoms, not the underlying issues. Therefore, the success rate of adolescent treatment is hindered.

Treating symptoms can sometimes lead to short-term positive outcomes. However, it does not create real, sustainable success.

The model of addressing symptomology doesn’t touch the deepest challenges that teens face. These include anxiety, depression, feelings of inadequacy, and lack of self-worth. Teens often don’t understand how to process their emotions. Furthermore, they often don’t know how to use healthy coping mechanisms. As a result, adolescents are at a higher risk of developing self-destructive behaviors.

Wisdom From Personal Experience

“I experienced this struggle firsthand,” says Jamison. “My brother, sister, and I attended as many as a dozen of the country’s premier treatment centers. I felt that my family perceived me as a failure. Each time I had to start again at a new facility.”

Yet, it was those “failures” that set the stage for the birth of something new and important,” Jamison says. “I slowly began to see that I didn’t heal because treatment was solely symptomatic.”

Therefore, Jamison set out to build Newport Academy as a comprehensive treatment alternative. He wanted an approach that addresses the “why,” not just the “what.” As a result, Newport Academy’s treatment programs focus on each teen’s unique DNA, history, temperament, and constitution. We offer an integrated approach. Most relevant, our approach to teen treatment balances their psychological, biological, social, educational, and spiritual needs. Hence, recovery is sustainable.

Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years of Healing Families

Our mission is pure and simple. We continue to provide the most comprehensive and impactful treatment. “The Newport Academy team takes great pride in dedicating ourselves to healing families. It means everything to us,” says Jamison. Furthermore, we enable young people to move out of the darkness and into the light. Teens go on to live happy, fulfilling lives.

Our Approach

As Newport Academy celebrates 10 years, we continue to evolve. We are always evolving our model and we incorporate crucial holistic elements into Newport Academy’s treatment programs. In addition, Newport Academy offers teens and families compassion and unconditional love. We know from experience that this is crucial to the healing process.

Newport Academy exhibits a commitment to work with the entire family. As a result, this emphasizes the importance of family involvement in every aspect of treatment and recovery. To summarize, this is a core belief for us—a founding principle that distinguishes us from other premium treatment facilities.

At Newport Academy, we give teens the life skills and self-understanding that allows them to find their place in the world. In order to achieve sustainable healing, our staff helps teens to uncover and address underlying issues. Moreover, teens learn healthy ways to cope with the emotions they are attempting to mask through destructive behaviors.

Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years Treating Teen Mental Health Issues

The Newport Academy treatment approach addresses the entire individual. Furthermore, it uncovers the underlying reasons for self-destructive behaviors and tackles the root of the problem. As a result, we achieve long-term, sustainable healing and change. We remove the stigma around mental health and substance abuse issues and provide compassionate care. Indeed, this care leads to self-awareness, confidence, and self-esteem.

Our comprehensive approach incorporates clinical, therapeutic, and holistic modalities to treat the individual teen and the whole family. As a teen treatment center, our mission is to establish healthy communication and connection between teens and their families. We bring them from darkness to light.

Through clinical, experiential, and academic modalities, we help teens grow and thrive. We attend to each aspect of one’s life, from our approach to nutrition and meals to ensuring each teen spends time in nature. Our clients are able to explore trauma and destructive behaviors with seasoned practitioners. And they do this in a safe, supportive environment that allows them to find sustainable healing. Learn more about how we’re different.

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years

Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years: Our Guiding Principles

Struggling teens are not “broken.”

Rather, they are confronting the human experience of coming into conflict with their environments. This is an especially intense process for adolescents as they develop and grow. When society teaches teens that they are “not enough,” they sometimes seek to address that pain with dysfunctional behaviors. What they are truly in search of is a sense of belonging and connection with themselves and those around them. We give teens the life skills and self-understanding that allow them to find their place in the world.

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years

The core issue we address is a lack of self-esteem.

When adolescents arrive at Newport Academy, they are typically struggling with insecurity and low self-esteem. Our approach to teen mental health treatment is to address the core issues that cause depression, teen anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors. Therefore, we look deeper than the behaviors influenced by teenage drug abuse and/or mental health struggles. Hence, we are able to see the underlying catalysts driving behavior. Thus, we can guide our teens through their struggles. Furthermore, we help them find a path to self-acceptance and healthy living

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years

Our philosophy is love.

We meet our teens where they are, and provide a safe, accepting, and nurturing environment. Therefore, this allows us to address emotions, patterns, and behaviors as they surface. When an adolescent arrives at Newport Academy, our compassionate staff loves them until they can love themselves. The internal healing begins as they learn to see themselves as beautiful, bright, and powerful people, able to take control of their own lives. Furthermore, unconditional love is the foundation of this transformative process. In addition, it is key to our approach to teen rehabilitation.

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years

Family therapy is a primary focus of the treatment process.

Teens are a product of their environment and family system, and many families experience some level of dysfunction. We require families to put effort into their recovery as part of the treatment process. Our therapists and psychiatrists facilitate weekly family therapy sessions. In these sessions, families address issues that have negatively affected the family dynamic. At Newport Academy, we support families while working to restore harmony. We also host families at our teen treatment centers on Saturdays, in a structured environment. Therefore, they can practice the coping and communication skills essential to building a healthy family.

Newport Academy Restoring Families Resources: Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years

Newport Academy Celebrates 10 Years: Helping Teens Heal

At Newport Academy, we are dedicated to long-term, sustainable healing. Therefore, we monitor 15 different treatment goals concerning family, academics, and behavior.

Behavioral issues tend to be at the root of most teen problems. The ultimate goal is to shift negative behaviors into positive ones. For example, channeling the negative behavior of abusing drugs and/or alcohol into positive behaviors, such as healthy physical activities and mindfulness practices to ease anxiety.

Furthermore, this positive outlook translates into academics. Most relevant, these healthy behaviors lead to greater focus. When academic achievement supports self-esteem and positive self-image, clients are motivated to do better in school.

From past experience, we know that our treatment goals can lead to improvements in family life. The old negative behaviors that led to family tension are replaced by new positive behaviors. Understanding, self-awareness, and better communication ensue. Also, as clients learn to respect themselves, they demonstrate greater respect for their families.

Truly comprehensive care has never been more critical to society than it is now. As we seek to expand our services and reach more people in need, we look forward to the next 10 years and to making a difference in the lives of many more teens and families.