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Unsung Hero Award Honors Carter Barnhart for Dedication and Commitment to Teen Treatment

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The Unsung Hero Award by Caron Foundation

Carter Barnhart, Newport Academy Chief Experience Officer, was recently awarded the UnSung Hero Award, presented by Caron Foundation.

Carter was given the Unsung Hero Award at Caron’s 12th Annual Greater New York Community Service Awards Breakfast. Carter was commended for her dedication and commitment to helping those in need receive access to mental health and substance abuse treatment. Carter was acknowledged for her tremendous efforts in prevention, education, and treatment. She is a long-term team member at Newport Academy and her caring and compassionate approach impacts everyone she meets.

“I am honored to be recognized by the Caron Foundation and New York PLA as one of this year’s unsung heroes.”

—Carter Barnhart, Newport Academy Chief Experience Officer

Carter Barnhart: Director of Referral Relations for Newport Academy
Newport Academy Community Resources: Jamison Monroe and Carter Barnhart Awards

Newport Academy is also proud to announce Jamison Monroe, Founder of Newport Academy and the Center for Families, as the recipient of the 2017 Conversation Inspiration Award, presented by Be a Part of the Conversation. When combined with the Unsung Hero Award given to Carter Barnhart, the two awards highlight Newport Academy’s ongoing commitment to giving back.

Newport Academy Community Resources: Jamison Monroe and Carter Barnhart Awards

Its All About Connection

Be a Part of the Conversation creates effective, culture-changing programs to increase awareness of the effects of alcohol and other drug use.

The nonprofit organization is a collaboration of community leaders. This includes students, school district representatives, and families who believe in connection. Furthermore, BPOTC supports meaningful, inclusive conversations to support individuals and their families. They teach people to develop healthy coping skills. In addition, BPOTC provides access and support whenever there is a need.

“It is a true honor to win this Conversation Inspiration Award from Be Part of the Conversation. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 15 years in this industry, it is that healing is all about connection. The work of Be a Part of the Conversation has reached thousands of parents, educators, health care providers, students, and community leaders. BPOTC is a unifying force in addressing substance use, misuse, and addiction, and its impact on individuals and their families. Kim Ferris Rubenstein is truly an inspiration to us all.”

—Jamison Monroe, Founder & CEO of Newport Academy 

Newport Academy Community Resources: Jamison Monroe and Carter Barnhart Awards

A Vision of Strength and Hope

We are honored to be recognized by Be a Part of the Conversation and wholeheartedly believe in their mission and shared goal of raising awareness and understanding about substance use and addiction.

We can all work to grow a culture of learning and support by taking inspiration from Be a Part of the Conversation’s core values:

  • Accountability – Acknowledging responsibility for our actions, attitudes, and practices
  • Inclusion – Creating a culture of acceptance, free of stigma or bias, where all can feel free to share their experiences and concerns
  • Community – Contributing to society and demonstrating corporate social responsibility
  • Innovation – Pursuing new and creative ideas that have the potential to change lives for the better
  • Hopefulness – Finding hope when faced with feelings of despair, with the knowledge that we are working toward positive outcomes
  • Self-Awareness – Remaining mindful of our own well-being, in order to maintain a healthy attitude as we serve communities and individuals who depend on our stability
  • Graciousness – Providing a welcoming and safe environment for participants, fostering a positive experience.

It Takes a Village

Our primary mission as a premier teen rehab is to empower teens and restore families. The vision of Be a Part of the Conversation is in direct alignment with Newport Academy’s commitment to serve our greater community, and provide a safe place for healing to occur.

We feel deep gratitude for Kim Ferris Rubenstein and her tireless dedication and commitment to this critical cause. Kim is a constant reminder that we all have a voice to create a culture of acceptance, free of stigma or bias regarding mental health issues.

“When my family was impacted by addiction, it seemed as though our world was crashing down around us. Our family’s journey through recovery compelled me to explore creative ways to help raise awareness among those who often struggle in silence with a loved one’s substance use, abuse or addiction. I have found that most people have an open heart and mind, and want to learn all they can to support those who are in pain, as well as those in recovery. Helping to create Be a Part of the Conversation has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experience, strength, and hope!”

—Kim Ferris Rubenstein, Executive Director of Be a Part of the Conversation

Thank you to the Caron Foundation for hosting the event and recognizing individuals, organizations, and institutions that have made an outstanding contribution in the ongoing battle against alcohol and drug addiction in the community. It takes a village, and we are so grateful to walk alongside you in this fight.

Congratulations, Jamison and Carter!