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Newport Academy Expands: Acquisition of NorthStar Academy

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Newport Academy is thrilled to announce the expansion of its services in the Greater Washington DC area. Newport Academy has acquired all the assets of NorthStar Academy, an adolescent mental health facility located in Rockville, Maryland. Hence, The Newport Academy expansion furthers its mission to transform the teen mental health space.

Newport Academy Expansion

Furthermore, this acquisition ensures that teens and their families in the Greater DC area, as well as Maryland and Virginia, have the highest level of compassionate care available. Newport Academy has been treating teens and family from this area since 2009 at its residential treatment centers. Now the organization looks forward to providing much-needed, local, daily mental health services.

NorthStar Academy has formally become a part of Newport Academy’s growing network across the country. This network encompasses locations in California, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, including a new expansion in Marin County, California.

Moreover, Gale Saler, founder of NorthStar Academy, will join the Newport Academy team as an Executive Director.

About NorthStar Academy

Four years ago, NorthStar Academy was founded with the mission to be a leader in providing quality transitional therapeutic programs for teens and their families. “NorthStar was born from the hope and belief that all adolescents have the ability to thrive,” says Gale.

Newport Academy Community Resources: Newport Academy Expansion

Gale expressed confidence and excitement about continuing this work under the Newport Academy umbrella.

“After 40 years in the treatment industry, I knew that I wanted someone I respected and trusted to take leadership,” she says. “I’ve worked with Newport Academy Founder and CEO Jamison Monroe for several years. I know his passion and commitment to the work, as well as his high ethical standards. I look forward to the expansion and innovation that will come from his leadership.” 

Next Steps in Newport Academy Expansion

The Rockville location encompasses a Partial Hospitalization Program, an Intensive Outpatient Program, and a school component. Hence, the school component will become the Newport Academy Day School.

“Having worked with Gale and NorthStar over the past three years, we are thrilled that Gale has chosen to join the Newport Academy family,” Jamison said. “We’ll be building upon NorthStar’s excellent clinical program as we continue providing the highest quality teen mental health treatment for which Newport Academy is well known.”

The acquisition enables Newport Academy to further expand its Joint Commission–accredited, evidence-based, and highly impactful mental-health services for teens and their families.

“We offer family-focused and results-oriented programs that treat the underlying causes and conditions of destructive behaviors. It is from a foundation of compassion and love that we provide a truly unparalleled level of care for teens and families.”

– Jamison Monroe, Founder & CEO

About Newport Academy

Founded 10 years ago, Newport Academy is a series of evidence-based healing centers for adolescents and families struggling with mental health issues, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

With locations across the United States, Newport Academy offers a family-systems approach, providing gender-specific, individualized, and comprehensive holistic programs that encompass clinical therapy, academic support, and experiential practices. Offerings include:

Above all, Newport Academy nurtures the physical, psychological, social, educational, and spiritual needs of adolescents and their families, from a foundation of compassionate care, clinical expertise, and unconditional love. Our primary mission is to empower teens and restore families. Experts include MDs, psychiatrists, therapists, registered dieticians, nurses, licensed social workers, teachers, and more. Meet our team.

Newport Academy Community Resources: Newport Academy's Expansion

Newport Academy Community Resources: Newport Academy Expansion

Why Teen Residential Programs Work

Treatment outcomes improve when a teen stays in treatment for three months or more. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), research has shown unequivocally that good outcomes are contingent on adequate treatment length. In general, participation for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness, the study showed. Hence, teen rehab is often the most effective way for a teen to start on a path to recovery, and learn skills to stay on that path.

Newport Academy’s integrative residential treatment center for teens consists of a minimum of 30 hours of clinical and experiential therapy each week, plus 20 hours of academic study and tutoring.

Newport Academy Community Resources: Newport Academy's Expansion

Teen Outpatient Programs

The Newport Academy Outpatient Program treats teens aged 13–19 who are experiencing psychological, behavioral, and teenage drug abuse issues. Furthermore, the Outpatient Program is founded on an ongoing commitment to recovery—essential for ensuring sustainable results.

The program involves a comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment plan tailored to each individual. Moreover, this plan features a multi-phase track that progresses along an integrated growth trajectory. Thus, teens learn fundamental skills for lifelong success.

In the Outpatient Program, each adolescent is provided with an individualized treatment plan. Furthermore, each teen’s Treatment Team creates an individualized treatment plan to support their recovery and growth. This integrated model facilitates healthier relationships, direct communication, and personal responsibility.

The Day Schools Approach

Newport Academy Day Schools allow students to embrace new ways of thinking while continuing their treatment and recovery work. The faculty works with students and their families to develop an optimal academic track for each individual’s specific needs.

The Day School curriculum focuses on raising self-esteem, improving executive function, and establishing healthy friendships. Furthermore, students develop skills for leading a healthy, happy life.

All therapeutic high school students are required to be involved in an Outpatient Group or a continuing therapeutic commitment following the school day. Therefore, each student receives the care they need to foster ongoing success.

Learn more about teen mental health treatment at Newport Academy.

Newport Academy Community Resources: Newport Academy Expansion