The Gift of Community

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Caydin Sanders, Director of Alumni Services

Residential Treatment Centers for Teens Offer a Unique Start

The gift of community is something so many of us seek. Residential treatment centers for teens offer a unique start to community building. This is especially key after teen treatment. As we grow, we look for friendship and relationships with others who are on the path. Hence, connections are hugely important.

I am honored to be part of the work that we do at Newport Academy. As Director of Alumni Services, I get to work with people whose lives have been dramatically changed through the healing modalities we offer. And I am inspired by this every day.

Newport Academy’s alumni program provides continued support and outreach. We take great care to keep our community connected. My team stays in close communication with alumni by phone, e-mail, and text. We hold events throughout the year that bring alumni together: annual reunions, skiing and camping trips, meditation workshops, yoga retreats, holiday gatherings, and volunteer opportunities.

Why I Do What I Do

Newport Academy’s alumni program is the reason I’ve stayed in this field for almost a decade now. I was a teenager when I found recovery for the first time. I know the importance and value of nurturing the inner self after treatment. Healing and the recovery process don’t end when treatment is over. In addition, for some, the real work starts once you leave treatment. Furthermore, having a community is crucial for success. Our alumni events maintain the bonds clients create in treatment. Therefore, they remind us all of the value of authentic connections and of tending to and honoring one’s highest self.

The Gift of Connection

For so many of us, the real gift is finding a solid community. We share our experience, strength, and hope. And when we need support and camaraderie, we are there for each other. Isn’t this really what it’s all about? As a result of sharing the love, we are stronger, happier, and have a solid foundation for each day. This is the blessing of creating space for one another.

Teen Mental Health and Community

The unconditional love and support that clients experience at Newport Academy continue when they leave us. As they take the first courageous steps toward acclimating to a daily routine after treatment, we’re there for them—and we give them opportunities to be there for each other. Peer support is one of the top indicators for success in an adolescent’s recovery from mental health or substance use issues. And our alumni program serves as a solid foundation for creating that peer support. Our events provide safe and sacred space in which teens can learn how to have fun in healthy environments. Furthermore, they learn to do this without resorting to maladaptive coping skills or self-medicating their emotions.

Just as important—we get to celebrate the incredible, talented people they are! We get to share hope and gratitude with our teens and their families, as we all see and experience that healing is possible. I feel truly blessed to do this work and to share this journey with such amazing young people.