In alignment with our mission to empower teens and restore families, we've compiled a robust library to inform, educate, and inspire our greater community. It is our mission to serve audiences as a teen rehab; to help families live a healthy, happier life.

Newport Academy Mental Health Resources Teen Stress Relief and Teen Stressors Hero
Mental Health

Tips for Teen Stress Relief

Teen Stress: Symptoms and Causes American teens are way too stressed. In 2015, the Emotion Revolution Survey, a study of 22,000 high school students, asked teenagers how they felt in [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Reources Emotions Psychology of Hate Hero
Mental Health

Lessons from Charlottesville

Psychology of Hate: Why Teens Join Hate Groups and How Parents Can Prevent It The psychology of hate is an important topic that has been dramatized lately. The tragic events [...]
Newport Academy Mental Health Resources How To Talk To Teens Hero
Empowering Teens

How to Talk to Teens

How do you talk to teens? Parents have been trying to figure this out for a long time. Talking to teens isn’t always easy. But it’s more important than you [...]
Mental Health

8 Signs of Teen Depression

By Heather Senior Monroe, LCSW Signs of teen depression are important to recognize. Teen depression can impact the family. Teens feel a lot! Furthermore, adolescence is a time of turbulence and […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Cutting Addiction
Mental Health

Teen Cutting Addiction

Teen cutting is no joke and can be scary. For parents, discovering a cutting addiction is often shocking. From the very first moment parents lay their eyes on their children, […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Teen Mental Health Treatment Anger Management

Teen Anger Management

There are times when anger issues can translate into health and conduct problems for teens. Therefore, this usually means teens need anger management treatment. Teens can be angry. They might yell at their […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Schizophrenia
Mental Health

Teen Schizophrenia

What is teen schizophrenia? As the teen walks in front of the radio, she becomes convinced that it’s calling out her name. It speaks to her directly, in a voice […]

Newport Academy Treatment Resources: Teen Mental Health Treatment Borderline Personality Disorder

Teenagers and Borderline Personality Disorder

Teenagers with Borderline Personality Disorder are becoming far more common. Teen depression, teen anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are the most diagnosed conditions. These are serious mental […]

Newport Academy Empowering Teens Resources: Teen Adolescent Trauma
Mental Health

Adolescent Trauma and Treatment

The emotional pain caused by trauma can lead to destructive behaviors. Self-medicating to numb the pain of a trauma causes a dangerous cycle that can lead to addiction. Adolescent trauma […]