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to Social Good
Our Commitment
to Social Good

At Newport Academy, we believe in sustainable healing. We work with partners and like-minded social good organizations to strengthen families and create clarity that can fortify young people’s lives as they navigate today’s increasingly complex landscape. We strive to open the conversation and foster transparency around challenging and uncomfortable topics, which can ultimately help to alleviate the stigma surrounding adolescent mental health.

Ubuntu Life

At Newport Academy, we believe it is vital to think outside our own backyard. Ubuntu Life is a phenomenal organization—a nonprofit business that uses the power of global commerce to create a social good impact for mothers and children with special needs in Kenya. Ubuntu teaches and crafts beautiful products such as LOVE bracelets and classic Afridrilles. We could not be a bigger fan of Ubuntu and their philosophy—so much so that we held a contest for Newport Academy alumni to design an Afridrille to support this great social good campaign.


Recognition for Doing Social Good

“It is a true honor to win this social good award from Be a Part of the Conversation (BPOTC). If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 15 years in this industry, it is that healing is all about connection. The work of BPOTC has reached thousands of parents, educators, healthcare providers, students, and community leaders. BPOTC is a unifying force in addressing substance use, misuse, and addiction, and its impact on individuals and their families. Executive Director Kim Ferris Rubenstein is truly an inspiration to us all.”

Jamison Monroe,
Founder of Newport Academy

“I am honored to be recognized by the Caron Foundation and New York PLA as one of the Caron Foundation’s unsung heros.”

– Carter Barnhart

Reducing the Stigma Around Mental Health

We started Newport Academy in 2008 to empower teens and restore families. What does that look like today? We are now a vital part of the cultural conversation surrounding adolescent mental health—including critical issues such as sensationalized media that plays to our fears; teen isolation through video game and social media addiction; and depression, trauma, and a myriad of other diagnoses that plague our youth and greater society.

Newport Academy Event Honors Nic and David Sheff

Newport Academy hosted a conversation at our Intensive Outpatient and Therapeutic Day School location in California as a social good fiscal sponsor with New York Times best-selling author David Sheff and his son Nic. The event celebrated David’s book about their lives, Beautiful Boy, which was adapted into an award-winning feature […]

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Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why: Newport Academy Experts Weigh in on C-Span

13 Reasons Why received both praise and criticism for shining a light on teen mental health struggles and suicide. Caroline Fenkel, DSW, LCSW, who treats clients at Newport Academy and Newport Academy’s Center for Families, says the series addresses what American adolescents go through: academic stress, social angst, and the tension of romantic […]

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