Patrick Antonios, MS, CAC

Patrick Antonios on the Newport Academy campus grounds.


Patrick Antonios, MS, CAC

Patrick Antonios works in this field because he considers it to be the most effective vehicle to promote change. Growing up, Patrick was exposed to substance abuse and mental health issues within his family, as well as a history of trauma. Patrick cites William Miller, motivational interviewing’s founder, as one of his greatest inspirations. From his work as a Counselor, Patrick has found that Miller’s client-centered counseling style if most effective in eliciting behavior changes.

Patrick has attended specialized trainings in Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Miller Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), all of which he uses in both individual and group therapy session sat Newport Academy. In his opinion, he excels at treating young adults who are struggling with substance abuse and behavioral changes. Patrick studied English and Social Science for his bachelor’s degree at Quinnipiac University. For his master’s degree, Patrick studied Secondary Education with an emphasis in Drug and Alcohol Recovery at the University of Bridgeport. Prior to joining Newport Academy, Patrick worked at the McCall Center for Behavioral Health and Crossroads Recovery Center.

Newport Academy…in his own words.

“Newport Academy’s approach of insisting that families are equally involved in the treatment process increases the probability they will continue to heal long after their child is discharged. Furhter, Newport recognizes other organization’s missed opportunities and prioritizes the learning opportunities presented through real experiential therapy. From my experience, Newport’s leadership, clinical, and direct-care staff are the most authentically caring individuals, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to work with them.” –Patrick Antonios

Select Achievements

  • Bachelor degree in English and Social Science from Quinnipiac University
  • Master’s degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Drug and Alcohol Recovery from University of Bridgeport