Nicole Bowen, MT-BC


Nicole Bowen, MT-BC

Nicole Bowen’s biggest inspiration is seeing the young people she has worked with grow into happy, successful adults. Her experience working in mental health, special education, and medical settings gives her a unique perspective. Before joining the Newport Academy team, she spent four years as a music therapist for Sheppard Pratt Health Systems and also worked extensively with clients with autism spectrum disorders. Nicole has also created music therapy programs for a special needs charter school in Orlando, Florida.

Nicole was first exposed to music healing therapy and power of music while working in a daycare center during college. “One day, I decided to sing songs to the children,” she recalls. “Among the toddlers was a three-year-old boy with autism who never participated in anything. The moment I started singing ‘Itsy Betsy Spider,’ he turned around, looked at me, came over, sat down, and started singing, too. That was the moment I knew that music could genuinely change lives.”

Newport Academy…in her own words

“At Newport Academy, we understand that every person is unique, and so every treatment must be unique and flexible.”—Nicole Bowen

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  • Music therapy degree from Florida State University, Tallahassee