Nancy Tauck, LCSW



Nancy Tauck, LCSW

Nancy Tauck believes in and is committed to implementing the process of change in the family system. At a young age, Nancy lost a parent which ultimately contributed to her passion for helping people in need. When she chose to be family therapist 25 years ago, she made a commitment to help guide adolescents through their pain and on an evolution of healing and joy. For this reason, her career has been profoundly rewarding. As a family therapist, Nancy is trained in ABFT Therapy and CPI, and has attended workshops in advanced mountaineering and lifesaving, CBT, and teen suicide prevention. She also has a certification in DBT and has used this modality throughout her career working with adolescents who struggle with mental health issues.

In her opinion, she excels in treating adolescents and families who have experienced trauma and helps to reframe the overarching problem into a solution-focused plan. She also excels at connecting with teens who have previously struggled with trust issues. While studying for her BSW, Nancy focused on adolescents and the developmental stages of the life cycle and learned how to identify and treat abnormal presentations. For her master’s degree, Nancy split her focus between clinical and administrative work to gain a well-rounded perspective to the field.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“Working at Newport Academy gives me a daily opportunity to ‘empower teens and restore families,’ the organization’s mission. I have spent my 25 year career working to empower teens, but Newport is the first place I’ve worked where I have the opportunity to actually restore a family.” -Nancy Tauck

Select Achievements

  • Bachelor of Social Work, Sacred Heart University
  • Master’s degree from Columbia University
  • Trained in ABFT Therapy, CPI, CBT, and Teen Suicide Prevention
  • Certification in DBT