Marianne Wudarsky, MD, PhD



Marianne Wudarsky, MD, PhD

Marianne Wudarsky joins Newport Academy with 30 years of experience as a Staff Psychiatrist. She chose to work in healthcare to alleviate suffering and guide adolescents towards self-improvement. Marianne especially enjoys working with fellow colleagues at Newport, because everyone has a problem-solving mentality. Marianne has been trained in psychopharmacological principles that underpin medication management. As a Staff Psychiatrist, she loves treating psychosis and trauma. Marianne chose to pursue a profession in healthcare so she could have a lifelong, fulfilling career that simultaneously stimulates her brain.

Previously, Marianne worked at AJ Solnit Children’s Center as a Staff Psychiatrist, as well as a team leader, and child and adolescent psychiatrist. Marianne has also completed a psychiatry research fellowship at NIMH through the National Institute of Health. She is honored to share her 30+ years of experience with her colleagues at Newport Academy.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“A resource rich treatment facility which attempts to reveal to the adolescents their best selves in an environment where the cultural yokes of electronics and isolation are discarded.”—Marianne Wudarsky

Select Achievements

  • Psychiatry Research Fellowship at NIMH of the National Institute of Health.
  • PhD in Cell Biology and Immunology.
  • Undergraduate degree in Philosophy from SUNY College at Purchase