Macie Prajer, MA



Macie Prajer, MA

Macie Prajer chose to pursue a career in healthcare to ensure the safety and welfare of today’s youth. She had early exposure to Social Services and the effects of foster care, which enhanced her genuine care and compassions for others. This formative experience left her with the desire to pursue a human-centric career. As a Counselor at Newport Academy, she strives to provide struggling teens with tools that are empowering and allow them to be successful. For this reason, her clients are her biggest influences. Working with young adults to help them overcome their challenges is the most meaningful part of her role.

Macie has attended the Ayurveda Workshop series a holistic medical system indigenous to ancient India. In her opinion, she excels at treating clients with behavioral challenges, substance abuse and addiction, disordered eating, and many other mental health-related issues. For her undergraduate degree, Macie studied Psychology at Brigham Young University in Utah before moving to the east coast to pursue a master’s degree in Psychology with a clinical concentration at the University of New Haven.

Newport Academy…in her own words.

“I was drawn to Newport Academy for their holistic approach toward treatment, providing a well-rounded program to those in search of healing.” – Macie Prajer

Select Achievements

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bringham Young University
  • Master’s degree in Psychology with a Clinical Concentration from the University of New Haven
  • Ayurveda Workshop Series