Ken Miki, LMSW

Ken Miki: Martial Arts Instructor & Adventure Therapy Coordinator for Newport Academy

Experiential Supervisor

Ken Miki, LMSW

Ken Miki is responsible for the implementation and programming of adventure-based, experiential therapeutic activities for Newport Academy residents—including hiking, fishing, rock climbing, wilderness excursions, and a variety of outdoor-oriented games and sports. A mixed martial arts instructor, Ken teaches an eclectic variety of technical movements and exercises informed by his martial arts background and his in-depth investigation of functional forms of anaerobic and aerobic training.

Prior to joining Newport Academy in 2014, Ken was a senior wilderness field instructor/mentor and integrated therapeutic assistant at Second Nature Blue Ridge in Clayton, Georgia, carrying out assessment and restructuring of staff management and training systems and practices.

Newport Academy…in his own words

“I teach at Newport Academy because of its dynamic, holistic, and innovative approach to treatment. We teach teens how to feel alive again.” —Ken Miki

Select Achievements

  • Graduated with MSW from UCONN in 2018
  • Graduated with B.A in Ethnic Studies from Brown University in 2007
  • Ni-Dan in Judo (second-degree black belt)