Jenny Preston LPC Manager Equine Therapy for Newport Academy


Jenny Preston, LPC

Jenny Preston, LPC, is a mental health professional and equine specialist. She is certified through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA). Also, she is currently pursuing additional certification as an Equine Assisted Mental Health Practitioner through the Institute for Human-Animal Connection at the University of Denver. In addition, Jenny holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Furthermore, she has additional clinical training in somatic experiencing and in trauma treatment, with Bessel van der Kolk of the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute.

Previously, Jenny worked at OneEighty, an addiction services agency in Wooster, Ohio. She provided mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, and counseling for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault during this time. Furthermore, at SpringHaven Counseling Center in Mt. Eaton, Ohio, Jenny was an equine specialist, co-facilitating equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions utilizing both EAGALA and Natural Lifemanship modalities.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“Newport Academy provides clients with experiences in which they can choose to respond differently to an old pattern. Hence, with Equine Assisted Therapy, the horse can meet them where they are and provide honest feedback and genuine connection. It’s amazing to watch clients interact with the horses and reflect on their own growth and self-awareness. Consequently, I feel very lucky to hold the space for these opportunities. This type of therapy really challenges us to show up and to own the pieces of ourselves we hide from the world.” —Jenny Preston

Select Achievements

  • Master’s in education degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
  • Pursuing post-master’s certificate in Equine Assisted Mental Health through the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, Institute for Human-Animal Connection, Denver, Colorado
  • Certified as a mental health specialist and equine specialist through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association
  • Clinical Training in Fundamentals of Somatic Experiencing, with Brad Kammer; New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment, with Bessel van der Kolk; and Natural Lifemanship Fundamentals Training
  • Undergraduate degree from Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia
  • Member, American Counseling Association and Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association