Jen Sayler, LMFT



Jen Sayler, LMFT

As an individual therapist at Newport Academy, Jen Sayler realizes that adolescence is a turbulent time even in the best of circumstances. She aims to provide warmth, understanding, and perspective to youth who are struggling to individuate. Ultimately, Jen makes it her personal goal to help teens discover their true and best selves and to help them navigate through the ups and downs of life. Jen is inspired by Dr. Laura Langston who works with foster/adoptee families. During her time at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Dr. Langston took Jen under her wing and taught her the importance of being warm, authentic, realistic, and hopeful.

Jen has participated in a variety of trainings for attachment and trauma therapy, sex trafficking, identifying gang involvement, and alternative views on psychosis. Further, she has DBT and TF-CBT training. She recognizes that when learned and implemented correctly, these skills are healthy and effective ways to build a life worth living. In her opinion, she excels at treating teens who have disrupted attachments and trauma. Often, these youth turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. During individual treatment sessions, Jen works with them to untangle their underlying thoughts, feelings, and negative beliefs about themselves in an effort to alleviate the need to numb their emotions through the use of substances.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“Newport Academy provides a combination of attachment-based interventions with a structure that provides consistency, stability and predictability that is a necessary catalyst to lasting personal change and family cohesion.” -Jen Sayler

Select Achievements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications from North Park University
  • Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • DBT, Attachment and Trauma Therapy, and TF-CBT Training