Emma Ardry RN Head Nurse at Newport Academy


Emma Ardry, RN

Emma Ardry, RN, is passionate about helping others and making a difference. She has worked in clinical, residential, and outpatient settings, and has detailed familiarity with multiple interventions and procedures. At Newport Academy, Emma works alongside the medical director and therapists from intake through discharge, oversees a team of four nurses, and provides direct care to residents. Before joining our team, Emma was on staff for five years at Griffin Hospital in Derby, Connecticut, providing direct patient care on the medical/surgical and hospice floors. Prior to that position, she was a home care nurse for Visiting Nurses of Connecticut.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“I have saved numerous lives while working on a hospital floor, and it is a very rewarding job; however, greeting a child on their first day at Newport Academy, and building a bond with them over time while seeing them grow and change—nothing compares to that. I don’t think there are any adjectives to fully describe what a pleasure it is to be part of this team. Newport is family, and will never be just another job.” —Emma Ardry

Select Achievements

  • Master’s in nursing administration from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Undergraduate degree in nursing from Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut
  • Certified in First Aid (CPR/AED), Basic Life Support, EKG and cardiac dysrhythmia, and hospice care