Christopher France, MFT



Christopher France, MFT

Christopher France chose to pursue a career in healthcare because he wants to help others resolve mental health and substance use issues. Using his milieu therapy techniques, he especially enjoys helping families restore a common ground so they can function at their highest potential. In fact, he originally chose this field because of his personal interest in the correlation between divorce and substance abuse and family origins. While completing his master’s degree at Southern Connecticut State University, he looked to his professors for guidance and inspiration.

Christopher has participated in trainings for EMDR Level 1 and PSRB, and he is a certified CATSO therapist. He particularly loves treating sexual behavior problems, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression among other milieu therapy techniques at Newport Academy. Prior to joining the Newport team, Christopher worked at Wellmore Behavioral Health as a CAPS Clinician where he was responsible for treating high risk adolescent and child clients in the community using an in-home therapy modality. He also previously worked at CTPSB as a sex offender treatment provider where he conducted group therapy for mandated sex offender clients in probation.

Newport Academy…in his own words

“Newport Academy attracted me to join the team because of its family-oriented approach. Mental health and substance abuse do not occur in a vacuum and should not be treated with an individualistic mindset. I am proud to work for an organization that values addressing and healing the systemic factors that lead to cycles of destructive behavior patterns. The family is the crucible for the developmental wellbeing of its members and should always be respected in the context of therapy.” — Christopher France

Select Achievements

  • Undergraduate degree from Southern Connecticut State University
  • Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southern Connecticut State University
  • Certification as a CATSO Therapist