Chantal O’Connell, M.A.T.

Chantal O'Connell, M.A.T.: Education Coordinator

Regional Education Manager

Chantal O’Connell, M.A.T.

Chantal O’Connell, M.A.T., Education Coordinator for Newport Academy Residential Programs, has a passion and love for learning. She inspires people of all ages, and teenagers in particular. In addition, her experience includes online and in-person education for adults. Furthermore, Chantal teaches in high school classrooms. Consequently, she specializes in alternative methods of education and in facilitating an individualized approach to academics, in which students can succeed through finding the methods and practices that work best for them.

Newport Academy’s faculty works with students and their families to develop an optimal academic track for each individual’s specific needs. The therapeutic high school curriculum focuses on raising self-esteem, improving executive function, and establishing healthy friendships.

By developing skills for leading a healthy, happy life, therapeutic high schools help young people not only get on track but stay on track.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“Newport Academy means success, empowerment, and finding oneself. I love making an impact on students, especially students who have lost their love of learning.” —Chantal O’Connell

Select Achievements

  • Master’s degree in education from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Undergraduate degree in English from Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Connecticut
  • Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), CPR, and First Aid certifications