Cassie Pastula: Regional Admissions Director for Newport Academy


Cassie Pastula

Cassie Pastula joined the Newport Academy team in 2013. She works closely with Executive and Clinical Directors to ensure appropriate placement for clients and smooth admission transitions. Her previous work experience includes event planning and management for the M&M Group in Huntington, California, planning, producing, and managing billing for more than 10 events each month. Cassie also managed marketing for NJ Law, APC, in Newport, California, crafting advertising strategies and overseeing content dissemination. Cassie received an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Newport Academy…in her own words

“I sought out Newport Academy because I’d heard about all the amazing work being done here, and I wanted to be a part of it. I stay here because I consistently get to witness miracles. There’s no place else in the world quite like Newport Academy. Jamison not only cares deeply about teens and young adults from all walks of life, he also cares deeply about his employees and about giving back to the community. Newport Academy’s philosophy of unconditional love is a gift to this world and to everyone whose life it touches.” —Cassie Pastula