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“Our lives changed forever on January 4, and I really couldn’t believe that anything could make it right again. Though a friend, and quite by accident, I learned of Newport Academy and was put in touch with their admissions coordinator. She was warm, compassionate and a true advocate for my son. From the moment he walked in the door to their beautiful facility, he was determined to leave and made that known. For three weeks he dug in his heels, and for three weeks the staff assured us that, in time, he would come around and “do the work.” I trusted them and took their advice and prayed. One Tuesday night a got a call letting me know that my son had begun to do his work. I cannot tell you how that felt.

Newport Academy treats adolescents battling depression, suicidal ideation, addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders and self-harm in an incredibly warm, loving environment. Boys and girls are housed at different facilities, six to a house. The program is based on love and compassion, along with individual, group and family therapy. Families come on alternating Saturday’s for family day, and have opportunities for family therapy during the week. There is also equine therapy, mixed martial arts, yoga and art. The days are structured and disciplined, and the terms “level up” as they complete the work assigned to them. School is also part of their day.

My son came home on Friday with hope, newly learned coping skills, and a smile on his face. I know how grateful I am for Newport, but today he told me how grateful he is. We have work to do, and staying on top of this will be a life-long journey for him. The difference is that now we are not afraid, we are empowered.

The love I have for each and every member of the Newport Academy staff is too great to express. Their knowledge, compassion and love for my son has made all the difference.”