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“I’ve been to several treatments and Newport is at the top of my list of recommendation. I love love love the staff and I love being an alumni in this community because it is so tight knit and caring and most importantly (to me) engaging/ FUN. Something I cannot help to mention as well- I love the way this facility is outfitted. Not only are the staff meticulously vetted and hand picked and out daily schedule arranged with precision and care- other details such as the couches and rugs and wall furnishings are beautiful, every room is so visually appealing! This place is such a cozy and comfortable setting for the very serious work we get done. Everything about this program is beautiful. Aesthetically, spiritually, emotionally. I have an amazing relationship with my parents today and Newport academy helped bridge our rough communication in the early stages of my recovery. I really felt heard and advocated for and my parents needs were met as well.”