What to Do If Your Daughter Is Suffering from an Eating Disorder or Drug Addiction.

What to Do If Your Daughter Is Suffering from an Eating Disorder or Drug Addiction.The social dynamic among many teenagers in the United States can fuel some regrettable experiences. Facing regular judgement among their peers, constantly struggling to fit in, and peer pressure can result in teen substance abuse, and even drug addictions. Sadly, this is particularly true for high school girls.

Other difficult health complications such as eating disorders are a common struggle among teenage girls; in fact, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Eating Disorders, women are far more likely to suffer from eating disorders than men, and an estimated 24 million Americans are currently suffering from such disorders.

Comparatively, teen alcohol abuse and recreation drug usage is very common among teenage girls. An estimated 7.5% of American teens have used the powerful pain-killer known as Vicodin for non-medical purposes by the time they reach their senior year of high school.

Substance abuse and eating disorders are serious issues that can completely derail a young woman’s life. According to the Centers for Disease Control, substance abuse, such as underage drinking, can cause complications such as memory loss, poor academic performance, and the disruption of normal growth and sexual development in teenagers. In the worst cases, substance abuse, eating disorders and drug addictions can even lead to death.

If your teenage daughter is showing signs of drug addiction or eating disorders, getting them the professional care they need is crucial, and rehab at a girls residential program may be a solution to bring back them back to a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Drug rehab for teenagers, such as a girls residential program, specializes in treating adolescents through a combination of behavioral assessments and developmental programs that are tailored to the specific mental health and substance abuse needs of each patient. Behavioral disorders, such as drug and alcohol abuse, as well as eating disorders, are commonly treated at girls residential programs through a series of therapy treatments, including individual, family, group, yoga and even equine therapy. These therapies, when offered by rehab facilities, are proven methods to help teens beat addictions and behavioral disorders.

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