Outpatient Program

Outpatient Program

An Evidence-Based Approach

The Newport Academy Adolescent Outpatient Program is designed specifically for teens ages 13-18 that have substance abuse and related psychological and behavioral problems. The program utilizes the Matrix ModelTM, an evidence-based program in which the individual needs of every client and family are addressed allowing for the best opportunity for success. This outpatient program, developed by clinicians at UCLA, involves a multi-disciplinary approach in developing a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan. Adolescents and families have access to Psychiatrists, licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Internal Medicine Physicians, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors, and other addiction and behavioral health treatment specialists to best meet their treatment needs.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is an integral component of treatment.

There is no stronger interpersonal bond in a young person’s life than his or her family. Extensive research has shown that adolescents achieve better results when their parents are actively involved in treatment. At the Newport Academy Outpatient Program, parents are offered two groups weekly; Parent Support Group and Multi-Family Process Group.  In addition, families are offered individual family therapy.

A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment

Prior to admission, each teen receives a comprehensive assessment by a qualified addiction treatment specialist. Families are involved in every step of the treatment process and a comprehensive treatment plan is developed to best address the adolescent’s needs.

Three Levels of Care

The Newport Academy Adolescent Outpatient Program involves three levels of care:

During the Intensive Care phase of treatment teens attend the program four days per week and family members attend twice weekly. An individual treatment plan and attendance contract with the teen is developed, teens are drug tested weekly, and through involvement in the 12-step principles of recovery and educational presentations teens are introduced to the recovery process. Teens also attend weekly individual and group sessions facilitated by therapists and counselors. The Intensive Care phase of the outpatient treatment program typically lasts twelve weeks.
Newport Academy Intensive Outpatient Program Schedule
3:30-4: Drug Testing 3:30-4: Drug Testing
4-4:50: Process 4-4:50: Recovery Skills (Rene) 4-4:50: Cross-Addictions (Max) 4-4:50: Gender Group (Chelsea/Patt)
5-5:50: Psychodrama (Betsy) 5-5:50: Relapse Prevention (Max) 5:30-7:00: Multi Family Group (Max/Barbara) 5-5:50: Weekend Planning (Chelsea)
5:30-7:00: Parent Support Group 6-6:50: Music Therapy (Tim) 6:00-7:00: Open AA Meeting
6-6:50: Gender Group (Chelsea/Max)

Barbara Nosal, PhD, MFT – Group Facilitator, Multi-Family Process Group
Betsy Bradley, CADC-II, LPCC – Psychodrama Facilitator
Elizabeth Ensign, CADC – Group Facilitator