Intensive Family Program

Intensive Family Program
Newport Academy recognizes the importance of family participation in treatment as being critical to the success and recovery of our residents.

Newport Academy offers the most comprehensive Family Program in the US. In addition to two family intensive workshops, Newport Academy offers a Family Day every other Saturday along with Individual Family Therapy throughout the week. At Newport Academy families receive comprehensive family therapy that far exceeds other treatment centers.

Upon admission families are given the Newport Academy Family Packet which includes the Parent Guidelines as well as introductory literature.

Download the program schedules: Parent Intensive | Weekend Schedule

On the first Friday or at least three days after admission, Parents are required to attend the Parent Orientation which is 6 hours of meeting with the treatment team who will be working with your child and education.

Parents are oriented to the program and educated about family systems and core concepts such as detachment, enabling and codependency. Parents have an opportunity to share their story and meet 1:1 with the treatment professionals to address specific issues to the family.

Following participation in the Parent Orientation, parents begin attending the Saturday Family Program, which runs every other week.

The Saturday Family Program begins in the morning with a parent-only support group. After the meeting families receive an educational presentation from one of Newport Academy’s many professionals. Topics may include: Families in Recovery, Adolescent Brain Development, Relational Parenting, Continuing Care, DBT Skills for Parents, Family Sculpting, etc.  Parents and children have lunch together followed by a multi-family process group.  The day ends with visitation from 3-5pm.

At approximately two weeks prior to discharge, and when the teen has achieved Stage 3, the family (parents and siblings) are invited to attend a Family Intensive.

This Family Intensive is scheduled on a mutually convenient day from 10am-5pm. The Family Intensive may begin with an Individual Family Equine Therapy followed by the sharing and processing of recovery assignments including the teen’s autobiography & timeline, consequences, triggers, lies/secrets, resentments, acknowledgments and commitments.

Providing the teen has been in treatment a minimum of 30 days and is at an appropriate stage, the family may be able to go on a 4-hour pass together. An additional session is scheduled to develop a family contract that details a solid aftercare plan along with the expectations of recovery with associated consequences, the rules in the house including curfew, chores, allowance, friends and the use of phone, internet, social media, etc..

Following the Family Intensive Weekend, families continue to participate in the Saturday Family Program as well individual family therapy throughout remaining weeks.

Newport Academy has found that families who made the most progress were those that were willing participants in the Family Program.

Families that are equally committed to their own recovery attending all sessions of the family program, participating in individual family therapy, and attending their own AlAnon meetings a few times a week greatly increase treatment effectiveness for their teen.

In short, Newport Academy offers the most comprehensive Family Program in the Nation. a level of individual care that far exceeds industry standards. The clinical staff at Newport Academy can provide exceptional individualized treatment as a result of an exceptionally high staff to client ratio, the small size of our program, and most importantly because of our commitment to your family’s recovery.

Newport Academy Parent Intensive
TIME FRIDAY 10:00-4:00
10:00 All – Welcome – Outcome, Schedule, Rules of Respect, Share Stories
10:30 Individual Family Activity
11:00 Group Family Education: Disease Concept, Terms, Family Roles & Rules
12:00 Individual Family Activity
1:00 All Lunch
1:30 Group Process: Effective Parenting, Communications, Owning Your Power
2:30 Individual Family Activity
3:30 Group Process
4:00 Close
Family Intensive Weekend 
TIME FRIDAY 9:00-6:00 TIME SATURDAY 8:00-5:00 TIME SUNDAY 9:00-1:00
9:00 Welcome – Opening 8:00 Meet at Newport Academy 9:00 Welcome – Opening
9:30 Family Equine Assisted Therapy 8:30-
AlAnon Meeting in Community 9:30 Separate Process Group for Families and Teens. Q and A Families
11:00 Break 10:15 Breakfast Break 10:30 Break
11:15 Family Process Group 10:30 Mental Health, Meaning & Personal Agreement; Stress, Hormonal & Neurological Change & Behavior 10:45 Individual Family Experiential Activity: Acknowledgment Of One Another
12:30 Lunch 12:30 Lunch 11:45-
Closing Ceremony, Individual Family Sharing Most Significant Impact and Commitment Moving Forward
1:30 Individual Family Experiential Exercise: Communications Resentments and Respects 1:30 Multi Family Process Group 1:00-
Family Good Byes
2:30 Family Process Group 3:00-
Individual Family Therapy
4:00 Break 5:00-
Family Pass
4:15 Family Dynamics, Genealogy Family Rules & Roles 10:00 Return from Pass & Teen Process Group
Wrap Up & Closure