Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Says Marijuana was her ‘Chill Pill’

marijuana rehabilitation treatmentViewers have followed along with Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans as she has struggled with marijuana abuse, domestic issues with her boyfriend, and fighting for custody of her child. Unfortunately, this particular combination of issues is making each one worse than it would be alone.

The Marijuana Issue

The marijuana problem was the focus of a recent episode. After being arrested with marijuana in her possession, Evans went to visit her lawyer on the show. During this visit, he let her know that she could expect some serious questioning from the judge and a drug test – and that she would need to stop smoking marijuana so that that drug test would come up negative for her.

Evans looked visibly surprised by this; would she really have to quit completely? Some questioned why it would be so difficult for her to give up the drug, especially for just a few days and given that the stakes were so high. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of addiction – no matter how high the cost, those who are dependent upon a drug find it impossible to stop abusing it.

Said Evans on the Teen Mom 2 After Show: “I mean, a lot of people are like, ‘pot, you can just quit it.’ But for me, I was self-medicating myself with pot. That’s what calmed me down, when I had blow-outs with my mom, I would go smoke, I would calm down. That was my chill pill.”

Learning How to Relax Without Marijuana

Marijuana is a lot of people’s “chill pill.” In fact, patients who seek treatment for dependence on the drug say that they feel “flat” without it, that they don’t know how to relax and enjoy themselves or de-stress without it. This issue often becomes a focus during treatment. Stopping abuse of the drug is one thing but when the reason for drug abuse is the need to relax, feel good or be social, then patients must learn how to do those things naturally without picking up drugs and alcohol.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Because everyone has a reason why they abuse their drug of choice, it is important that patients choose a rehab that offers both a detoxification portion to address physical addiction and a therapeutic portion to address the mental or emotional dependence.

At Newport Academy, marijuana is often the drug of choice among our teen patients. Learning how to relax in social situations and enjoy themselves without the drug is a major focus of some of our support groups and experiential therapy sessions. Call us now to find out more about your teen will experience at our teen rehabilitation program here in Newport Beach.

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