SAMHSA Says Alcohol Abuse Accounts for Almost Half of All College Rehab Admissions

In a recent SAMHSA report, there are two facts that stand out as significant for parents of teens and young adults in college:

  1. Almost 50 percent of all college students entering treatment did so to seek treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction.
  2. A significantly higher number of college students enter drug rehab as compared to peers who are not enrolled in college.

What does this mean? College is not only a place where many teens overindulge in drugs and alcohol, but they overindulge to the point that they are developing an alcohol disorder that requires treatment.

College Students Are Developing Alcohol Dependency Issues

So what do parents do? Not allow their kids to go to college? Of course not. However, the new report can serve as a wakeup call to parents. If your child is drinking, it may not just be a normal phase of experimentation. It could be the start of a devastating disorder.

Pamela S. Hyde is a SAMHSA administrator. She says: “This report confirms the pervasive and potentially devastating role that alcohol plays on far too many college campuses. Other SAMHSA studies have shown that one in four full-time college students have experienced past year alcohol abuse or dependence. SAMHSA is working with the academic community and its partners in behavioral health to help students prevent exposure to the dangers of alcohol misuse and encourage those who have a problem to seek treatment.”

Alcohol Is Not the Only Drug of Choice Among Young Adults

In 2009, another SAMHSA report was released that said that about 30 percent of young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 – both in college and not in school – sought treatment for marijuana abuse issues. And those in college had lower rates of drug rehab admissions for drugs, including:

  • Heroin: A little more than seven percent of college students as compared to just over 16 percent of nonstudents.
  • Cocaine:  Just fewer than two percent of college students as compared to a little more than four percent of nonstudents.
  • Methamphetamines: A little more than four percent of nonstudents as compared to one percent of college students.
  • Prescription painkillers: About 10.5 percent of nonstudents as compared to more than eight percent of college students.

Does Your Teen Need Drug Rehab Help?

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