Generation Rx Toolkit Aims to Help College Kids Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse, Addiction

The Ohio State University’s (OSU) College of Pharmacy in collaboration with Cardinal Health Foundation designed an online toolkit that they hope will help to stop the rapidly expanding prescription drug addiction epidemic in the US. The toolkit was named “Generation Rx University,” and at first, it was aimed at college students, however, resources for all age groups are now on the site.

The concept of the toolkit is easy. The OSU pharmaceutical students and professionals designed it so all someone has to do is download the information targeted at the audience they would like to educate, then upload the information into PowerPoint or another similar software. Lastly, make a presentation at any number of community organizations to help educate on the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Generation Rx Toolkit Provides Necessary Information to a Wide Variety of Groups

Research has found that the average age that an individual becomes addicted to prescription drugs is now 21 years old. With this in mind, the authors of the Generation Rx Toolkit created a series of downloadable presentations targeted at different age groups. Each presentation contains valuable information that will help that particular group to assess the risk of, prevent, or help get treatment for prescription drug abuse. The various presentations include:

  • Generation Rx Adult Educational Toolkit
  • Generation Rx Youth Educational Toolkit
  • Generation Rx Senior/Best Use of Medications Toolkit
  • Generation Rx Collegiate Toolkit

For youth and college students, many interactive resources are used to help educate young people on the dangers of prescription drugs. For adults and seniors, PowerPoint slides, videos and handouts are used to raise awareness of the prescription drug epidemic and how to best prevent the issue. For seniors, there are even guidelines for caretakers to ensure safe and appropriate use of medications and to avoid addiction or other adverse events related to prescription drugs.

It’s Essential That Colleges Educate Student Body on Prescription Drug Problem

Currently, seven colleges have received $2,500 in grants to utilize the Generation Rx Toolkit on their campuses. Since it is during the college-age years that the average person develops a prescription drug addiction, colleges and universities may play a critical role in reducing the number of people abusing the following types of prescriptions:

  • Painkillers
  • Stimulants
  • Sedatives

One assistant dean for OSU’s College of Pharmacy, Ken Hale, stated to the press, “It’s critical that our colleges and universities do more to help prevent this potentially deadly behavior, and this new toolkit is designed to help them do that.”

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