Admission Process

Admission Process. Call 866-382-6651 for a Free Initial Assessment

At Newport Academy, we understand the wide range of emotions you are currently experiencing as you contemplate the possibility of your son or daughter going into treatment. We are committed to assist you in making the best decision for you, your son or daughter, and your entire family. Recovery is a journey and the staff at Newport Academy is committed to taking every step with you. From our initial intake process to your teen being discharged to return home, we will be there to guide you in your decision making process. Throughout this time your emotions will range from frustration to guilt to sadness to relief. Our Admissions staff and clinical experts are dedicated to making this as comfortable a transition for both you and your teen. Our highly trained professional staff will be there to listen to your concerns and celebrate your family’s success.

If your son or daughter meets ANY of the following criteria and is in need of assistance please call us.

  • Age 12-20 years old
  • Mental Health diagnosis – depression, anxiety, self-harm, oppositional defiant, and others
  • Substance abuse struggles
  • Eating Disorder diagnosis
  • Trauma or PTSD issues
  • Behavioral issues

Admission Process

The first step is for Newport Academy’s clinical staff to conduct a comprehensive intake assessment to determine whether your son or daughter can benefit from our program. We treat families from all over the world, and if possible, we encourage parents to visit Newport Academy prior to admission. You will see that no treatment center is as thorough or comprehensive as Newport Academy.¬†Your visit will provide a much better understanding of the treatment environment. You will have an opportunity to meet our clinical staff who will be treating your son or daughter and are committed to excellent quality of care. You will feel the tranquility and serenity of our grounds. Once you experience Newport Academy you can rest assure that your son or daughter will receive the best possible treatment in a supportive, therapeutic environment.

If your son or daughter can benefit from our program and is appropriate for admission, he or she will be admitted and assessed by a Pediatric Internist, Adolescent Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist, Primary Therapist and Recovery Counselor. Our comprehensive admission process is a vital part of treatment so that every teen’s individual strengths and needs are identified and addressed.

Once your son or daughter is admitted, you and the rest of the family will remain an integral part of treatment. You will be encouraged to attend weekly family therapy sessions (in person or via Skype) as well as our intensive family program. Periodic updates and progress reports will be forthcoming from the clinical team as we welcome your continuous support and participation in treatment.