Letter to Parents

letter to parents

Welcome to Newport Academy,

We realize that by visiting our website you may have a troubled teen about whom you are concerned. We understand the crisis, turmoil and pain your family may be experiencing at this time. We are glad you found us online and we exist to help you, your teen, and family begin the road to recovery.

My family and I know first hand that almost every treatment center out there falls short in providing truly quality care.  My sister, brother and I were all in some of the most recognized facilities in the country at one point in our lives.  Where all other teen treatment centers fall short is they focus on external issues, or the symptoms, of teen behavior and not the cause of such issues.  Alcohol and drug use, eating disorders, self-harm, and other self-destructive behaviors are merely symptoms of underlying issues.  The only way to have long-term sustainable change is to identify, address and heal the underlying, core issues that cause teens to act out.  While other treatment centers focus on the behavior, we focus on the “why” – on the cause of this behavior – and then we heal that cause through our one-of-a-kind treatment program, so that teens can live happy, full lives.

Jamison Monroe, Jr.Newport Academy is a gender-specific, comprehensive, residential treatment program for adolescents suffering from trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders and mental health disorders. Our program combines the key elements essential in effectively treating adolescents with underlying, unresolved issues. The Newport Academy program is highly unique in that it utilizes a highly individualized, holistic approach to treatment where psychological, biological, spiritual, social and educational needs are consistently addressed throughout the treatment process.

Here on the Newport Academy website you will find a wealth of information that should address many of the questions you have and provide you with direction in getting your teen the help they need to begin the recovery process. If you cannot find the answers to a particular question, please feel free to call us at anytime at 866.382.6651 and we can help address any question you have.

Newport Academy understands what you, your adolescent and your family are going through during this time of uncertainty. I was once in the same shoes as your teen and today I have many years of recovery. There is hope. The best thing you can do at this time is educate yourself on the issues your son or daughter is having and the treatment options that exist. Please feel free to call me directly at anytime if you need help.

Best regards,

Jamison Monroe, Jr.
Newport Academy